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KARNOX was founded in 2008, Karnox was used to be an E-sports car seat manufacturer that always focused on quality control, that make Karnox seat always with high quality and long life use, with so many years production and OEM service experience, after years of creation and investments in R&D, Our product series expanded to including: racing car seat, 5D theater seat, office chairs and gaming chairs.


Our constant striving for quality and design wins the game players‘ and car drivers’ appreciations, Karnox now establish business relation ship with Logitech, Jimmys‘, Ulti-mat,Kingston, Steel series and so on. and we will continue to focus on ergonomic design for all Karnox products to promote healthy conscious computer use and car driving experience. we are not only a proponent on healthy living and working environments, but also we are the actor, With a focus on ergonomics, design and functionality, Karnox gaming chairs have quickly become the smart choice in computer using areas, we will continue to develop more products to provide you a better quality life.


Now for the further consolidate of market,We are looking forward to the agents in all over the world or districts sincerely. Warmly welcome to join the KARNOX team!


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