Childhood fantasy

Childhood fantasy

Everyone has had their own fantasies during their childhood, these fantasies are diverse and unique in style. Now welcome to your fantasy world!

Karnox is the origin of this world and provide power for world tree, which is full of energy with huge branches and vines spread out,would you like to live in the world with flowers and magic when you are child?

This is a magic world, you can see the magnificent medieval castle standing on the vast sea, with the elusive assassin looming behind, commenting silently on everything happening here...

This is a mysterious wasteland world, where there are no signs of any living creatures in the swirling dust, but it is the basement of KARNOX's energy tower, and under the commander's command, who knows what will happen here.

After seeing these chair worlds, have you also fallen into the fantasy world? Now, start your fantasy journey again, what kind of a brand new world have you ever fantasized about?