Our different tiers of chairs all share the same concept: Unbelievable
value for cost, unparalleled craftsmanship, and top quality materials.
The Karnox Gladiator Series features a wide seat and tall back, which will give you the comfort necessary for longer periods in front of your computer or at the office. This is the bigger chair in the Karnox line designed for people that are bigger and taller than the average. The sleek design, high quality leather and color accents will keep you stylish.
Legend chairs feature a wide seat, tall back, and two-layer custom colour accents, giving you the style, comfort and endurance you need for long hours sitting whether in front of a computer gaming or in the boardroom.
The Hero features a slightly narrower seat, shorter back for the smaller user. Designed for a snug fit, this chair will keep you comfortable for longer usage whether in front of your computer playing games or in the boardroom.